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cell phone showing street and business rankings Fairer ranking system diversifies search results

Cornell researchers have developed a fairer system for recommendations – from hotels to jobs to videos – so a few top hits don’t get all the exposure.

Truck on road with computer code overlayed Do trucks mean Trump? AI shows how humans misjudge images

A study of commons mistakes humans made while guessing whether a neighborhood voted for Joe Biden or Donald Trump based on a single Google Street View image may help us make better decisions about visual information.

hands on cell phone Protecting privacy – and safety – in encrypted messaging

Cornell Tech researchers have developed a mechanism for preserving anonymity in encrypted messaging – which conceals message content but might not cloak the sender’s identity – while simultaneously blocking unwanted or abusive messages.

collage of new facultyCornell Bowers CIS welcomes 6 new faculty

The faculty have expertise in a broad range of areas, including robotics, artificial intelligence, digital fabrication, public health, and population genetics.

AI over computer codeFall AI seminar series begins Sept. 2

Cornell Bowers CIS is hosting a weekly conversation on Fridays about the future of AI, which will include top industry leaders and groundbreaking researchers who are building the technology and examining its societal, legal, and ethical impacts.

hands over 3d heart on tablet

Collaboration will advance cardiac health through AI

A three-year, $15 million partnership between Cornell and NewYork-Presbyterian will employ artificial intelligence to help improve outcomes for people with cardiovascular disease.

name of seminar with Arts UnpluggedPanel examines how artificial intelligence influences politics, policy

“Policy, Politics and Ethics of the Coming AI Revolution,” an Arts Unplugged webinar, will explore the impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology on our current political system and reflect on ethical concerns for the future, hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences.

McGraw TowerAI regulations are a global necessity, panelists say
In a Cornell China Center webinar held May 27, legal scholars based in China, Switzerland and the United States surveyed artificial intelligence regulation across the world, identifying strategic similarities and local distinctions.
A diseased blade of eelgrassAI reveals scale of eelgrass vulnerability to warming, disease
A combination of ecological field methods and AI has helped an interdisciplinary research group detect eelgrass wasting disease from San Diego to southern Alaska, and determine that it’s caused by warmer-than-normal water temperatures.
Blue whalesExisting fiber-optic cables can monitor whales
A new study demonstrates for the first time that the same undersea fiber-optic cables used for internet and cable television can be repurposed to tune in to marine life at unprecedented scales, potentially transforming critical conservation efforts.


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