Cornell AI Initiative

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world – from enterprise and society to our everyday lives. In late-2021, led by Kavita Bala, dean of Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, Cornell University launched the Cornell AI Initiative – including a university-wide radical collaboration designed to deepen opportunities in the development and application of AI within the field, and across AI-related, and AI-influenced fields.

Why Cornell

As a top-ranked leader in the growing field of AI, with strengths ranging from machine learning and core AI to cognitive science, behavioral science, medicine and sustainability, Cornell is uniquely positioned to lead the development and refinement of AI by leveraging its broad interdisciplinary collaborations.

Research happening across the Ithaca campus, as well as with Cornell Tech and Weill Cornell Medicine in New York City, is bringing AI, machine learning, and data science to bear in areas and applications including: sustainable agriculture; improved urban design and infrastructure; and personalized, precision medicine and health.

In addition, Cornell is leveraging its strengths in philosophy, ethics, fairness and public policy to not only shape, investigate and utilize AI, but also to consider its profound ramifications on society.

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Ethics, Fairness and Privacy

Through research and education, Bowers CIS is shaping fairer, ethical AI

In its world-class research and teaching, Cornell Bowers CIS is uniquely positioned to guide tomorrow’s innovators as they dive into issues of ethics, fairness and privacy, while weighing the policy implications of technological advances.

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Artificial Intelligence and Free Expression

Cornell faculty explore the challenges new AI technologies bring.

AI is here and changing our everyday lives faster than we can keep up with. At the same time, free expression is being challenged from all angles. And with the explosion of natural language processing and public access to generative AI tools like ChatGPT, technology is rapidly shaping how human beings express themselves, get work done, understand their societies, and interact with others.

Smarter Autonomous Vehicles

Using ai to improve self-driving cars

Cornell researchers led by Kilian Weinberger, associate professor of computer science, have produced three recent papers on the ability of autonomous vehicles to use past traversals to “learn the way” to familiar destinations.

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Join Us

As a premier research institution with world-class experts, Cornell has the advantage of a richly collaborative environment. If you want to change the landscape of real-world discovery, get involved.