Radical Collaboration Hiring

The goal of Cornell’s Radical Collaboration in Artificial Intelligence is to further enhance Cornell’s leadership in AI through strategic hiring of high-profile faculty, typically at the mid-career or senior level.

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As a research institution with world-class experts, Cornell has the advantage of a richly collaborative environment. If you want to help change the landscape of real-world discovery, consider joining our faculty.

The radical collaboration’s vision of AI is one that tightly integrates the development of algorithmic AI capabilities with how AI technology engages with humans, society, and applications:

AI Algorithmic Capabilities

We aim to develop new algorithmic capabilities in Learning, Reasoning, Perception, Language and Actuation, since they enable new applications for AI and new economic opportunities.

Human-AI Engagement

We aim to understand how humans and AI engage at all scales (e.g. individual, groups, society) to inform technology practice and design. This requires connecting the technical AI Algorithmic Capabilities with Ethics, Law & Policy, Social Science, Cognition and Design.

Application Impact Areas

We are bringing AI to important problems where we can draw on Cornell’s broad excellence (e.g., Society & Institutions, Autonomous Systems, Scientific Discovery, Health, Culture), ensuring impact and driving algorithm development. Sustainability (e.g. climate, society) serves as a cross-cutting set of goals and values.

The radical collaboration seeks proposals from departments for hiring opportunities that advance Cornell’s leadership in AI and that promise university-level impact.

Ideal candidates should have a track-record of direct impact on AI theory, algorithms, or practice.

Departments should contact the director, Thorsten Joachims, about any questions or recruiting opportunities you see before reaching out to any candidates. The AI Radical Collaboration provides enhanced startup packages, bridge funding, as well as general recruiting support and coordination to hire outstanding candidates for all Cornell colleges in both Ithaca and NYC.

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