Faculty Experts

Cornell University

Cornell Bowers CIS

Kavita Bala

Cornell Bowers CIS

Focus areas: Autonomous Systems, Computer Vision, Scientific Discovery

Recent research: ‘Underground maps’ segment cities using fashion, AI

Deborah Estrin

Cornell Bowers CIS, Cornell Tech

Focus areas: Ethics, Law, and Policy, Health and Medicine, Machine Learning, Scientific Discovery

Recent research: Estrin, health tech pioneer, wins von Neumann medal

Carla Gomes

Cornell Bowers CIS, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

Focus areas: Scientific Discovery, Society & Institutions

Recent research: AI enables strategic hydropower planning across Amazon basin; DRNets can solve Sudoku, speed scientific discovery

Thorsten Joachims

College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell Bowers CIS, Cornell Engineering

Focus areas: Machine Learning, Reasoning, Society & Institutions

Recent research: Fairer ranking system diversifies search results